Courtney Kinney

Office Manager

Courtney is the Office Manager for Greater Arizona.  Her primary role has evolved into supporting our Medicare team that submits over 5,000 applications throughout the year!  Although most days she is knee deep in applications and you can never find her without her headset on, usually on hold with a carrier, she is always willing to help with whatever passes her way.  She stays on top of producer certifications, carrier appointments, internet issues, printing issues, phone issues and supply orders is a full-time job in itself!

“After being with Aetna for 14 years I am so happy I made the move to Futurity First.  Everyday is an adventure in the Greater Arizona office.”  Courtney attributes her success to Nancy Ball.  “The way she has mentored me, believed in me, and knew that I would be loyal and do my best for the clients.  She is amazing at what she does, and she does a lot more than I ever could imagine.  The clients love her and because of her I look forward to coming to my job every day!  My success is due to her guidance and advice.  I am so grateful to have the chance to work so closely with the amazing team of Greater Arizona, which has become my second family.”

Courtney was born and raised in Arizona.  She and her husband Joe, who is also an invaluable member of the Greater Arizona branch working with David Schaeffer, are the proud parents of three children, Kelsi, Michael and Padan, but even more proud to be grandparents.  Courtney currently resides in Anthem, Arizona.

Phone 602.610.7799